Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 3 Q & A

Ashley Brooks, 15
Lanett, Ala.
Homeowner Gresham Brooks’ daughter

What's your favorite part of the build so far?

My favorite part of the build is the roof. I like how they’re doing the roof. It is taking the longest, but I like it. It’s big and that’s my favorite.

I haven’t been able to get up on the roof. It’s been raining. The roof is kind of slick. I’ve been helping sweep. I’ve been nailing things up for if a hurricane comes through—nailing equipment up in the house.

What does home mean to you?

It means a lot. I’m very happy about the home and I’m looking forward to moving in. It’s our first time having just a home, a real home. It’s ours and I’m very happy.

What are you looking forward to the most?

My own room. I want my own room. It’s my first time having my own room and my privacy, so I’m very happy about that too.

Michael Markle
Family Selection Chair Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project
Lanett, Ala.

What's your favorite memory of Millard Fuller?

My first thought was not of an event, but of Millard's smile. Millard could accomplish more with one smile than most people can in an entire workweek in the way it would empower others and motivate them to positive action when combined with his enthusiasm.

But truly it was more than that. Whenever I think of Millard I am reminded of the scripture in the gospel of John where he (John) is attributed to referring to himself as "the one Jesus loved" or "the one Jesus loved most." People sometimes chuckle a little when they read this verse thinking it somewhat arrogant in its assumption. However, I have always believed that had we been in Jesus' presence each of us would have considered ourselves "the one Jesus loved most." I think Jesus would have had that ability to make whoever he was with feel most loved with an awareness that he would do the same for the next person without feeling jealousy or animosity.

This is what I remember about Millard. When he spoke to you, you felt singled out as though you were the most important person in the room at that moment and you wanted to do all you could to help him accomplish his goal--to eliminate poverty housing. you knew he would treat the very next person the same way, and the next and the next. It did not make you feel slighted or jealous when he moved on, just part of a great energy with an amazing commission in the true spirit of Christ.

What is your favorite build memory?

I have two favorite build memories and both are quite simple and from my first build in Shreveport, La. The first is a picture I have of myself taken with Millard, Linda and Glen Barton in front of the renovation house to which I had been assigned. The second is when my house captain Jim Tomasack told me I could help re-shingle the roof. The roof was not high and had virtually no pitch, but nailing those shingles down with a pneumatic hammer was an exciting and empowering experience for me. I can imagine no other time in this middle-aged woman's life when I would have had the opportunity to help roof a house much less use a pneumatic hammer. It was thrilling for me and a service for someone else.

What does home mean to you?

I try to live my life in service to others. Home for me is an indulgence. It is where I can relax, feel secure, exercise my creativity and allow myself to feel some control over my environment. It is my nest.

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