Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guest Blogger: Jery Huntley

It’s the Same, But It’s Different…

Jery Y. Huntley, Vinyl Siding Institute, President

Here in Lanett, Alabama at the Millard Fuller Legacy Build VSI’s Certified Trainers and I are getting the job done because we’ve got the BEST volunteers around us! And it’s the same as other blitz builds and it’s different too.

What’s the Same:
  • Millard Fuller’s vision
  • A fantastic, emotional ceremony to start us off
  • Confusion that leads to intense purpose and teamwork
  • The feeling of being loved and needed
  • The regulars: Bob, Mimi and son Bob, Merle and Susie Graber, LeRoy Troyer, Mark Butler, Willie, and lots more
  • Too many know-it-alls who don’t, but they are teachable
  • Struggling to eat healthy
  • Mud
  • Beautiful exhaustion at the end of the day
What’s Different:
  • No Millard (and I emotionally restrain myself here)
  • New faces, from 26 states
  • More families in need than ever before

I feel privileged to be here for Millard and Linda and fulfilling their vision. Linda, Faith, and everyone are doing a great job --- as are the rest of the Fuller Center staff and everyone on the site. Once more, I have memories to take home and the excitement is already building for the next blitz.

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